Hooked from the start in Sweden

I was so excited at the thought of having a dog, but I was only 13 years old and my parents had their doubts if I was truly ready for the responsibility. After earning the money, taping 1,000 mini signs that read "I want a dog", and walking a shoe box I think my mom got tired of the crazy antics knowing I would never stop until I had my wish. In the summer of 1990 I brought home my first Wheaten, Dusty. He taught me the meaning of teamwork and patience. He also introduced me to conformation showing as well as agility, and I was in heaven. Unfortunately he had severe aggression and dominance issues and had to be put down at only 3 years of age. His grandmother Abby made it into my family as she retired from showing and breeding. She was a great, calm dog that loved a lazy life with occasional forest walks. As my involvement continued with conformation I worked with a few different breeders and handlers and then Deedee found her way into our home. My mom did a great job of taking over where I left off with Deedee when I moved out to focus on school.

A new start in the US

Once I graduated I went searching for a breeder to continue and really push my childhood hobby into a bigger plan. After two years of searching and talking to countless breeders I felt I had found the perfect partner. Cherie Turner Fogarty was nice enough to trust me with a show dog in 2002 and my husband and I where trilled to bring Nos home with us. From that point I've been very focused on conformation and in 2007 had my first litter by Kiwi. She was the perfect mom showing me every step of the way that she knew exactly what to do and when.


Without the help of my parents, driving me back and forth to shows, and the tremendous coaching and mentoring from Cherie I would have never gotten this far. I can't imagine my life without all my fluffy little friends with their human companions in tow. My life is much richer for it.

Dusty - Honeyrags Visionary Man Abbey - Abbey-Wiggins DeeDee
Dusty - Honeyrags Visionary Man Abbey - Abbey-Wiggins DeeDee